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A Study on Factors Affecting the Reproducibility of a Chemical Tongue Analysis Responding to Amino Acids

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 7 ]


Laurent A. Baumes and Jose Ranilla   Pages 572 - 583 ( 12 )


Four fluorescent tricyclic basic dyes with two hollow organic capsules namely cucurbit[n]urils (CB[n]), n = 7 and 8, compose the chemical tongue that is examined for α-amino acids recognition. This array is able to identify and discriminate 18 α-amino acids up to 10-4 M without the need of enzyme activation. The paper shows the importance of the classification technique employed in order to reach the highest recognition rate at this concentration.


Amino acids, chemical tongue, classification, clustering, colorimetric, machine learning, statistics.


(Laurent A. Baumes) Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica CSIC, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Av. de los Naranjos s/n, E-46022 Valencia, Spain.

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