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Privacy-preserving Collaborative Training for Medical Image Analysis Based on Multi-Blockchain

[ Vol. 24 , Issue. 7 ]


Wanlu Zhang*, Qigang Wang and Mei Li   Pages 933 - 946 ( 14 )


Background: As artificial intelligence and big data analysis develop rapidly, data privacy, especially patient medical data privacy, is getting more and more attention.

Objective: The study aims to strengthen the protection of private data while ensuring the model training process; this article introduces a multi-Blockchain-based decentralized collaborative machine learning training method for medical image analysis. In this way, researchers from different medical institutions are able to collaborate to train models without exchanging sensitive patient data.

Methods: Partial parameter update method is applied to prevent indirect privacy leakage during model propagation. With the peer-to-peer communication in the multi-Blockchain system, a machine learning task can leverage auxiliary information from another similar task in another Blockchain. In addition, after the collaborative training process, personalized models of different medical institutions will be trained.

Results: The experimental results show that our method achieves similar performance with the centralized model-training method by collecting data sets of all participants and prevents private data leakage at the same time. Transferring auxiliary information from similar task on another Blockchain has also been proven to effectively accelerate model convergence and improve model accuracy, especially in the scenario of absence of data. Personalization training process further improves model performance.

Conclusion: Our approach can effectively help researchers from different organizations to achieve collaborative training without disclosing their private data.


Blockchain, deep learning, transfer learning, personalized learning, distributed training, medical image analysis.


AI Lab, Lenovo, Beijing, AI Lab, Lenovo, Beijing, AI Lab, Lenovo, Beijing

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