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Advances in High-Throughput Screening: Biomolecular Interaction Monitoring in Real-Time with Colloidal Metal Nanoparticles

[ Vol. 6 , Issue. 8 ]


P. Englebienne, A. Van Hoonacker, M. Verhas and N. G. Khlebtsov   Pages 777 - 787 ( 11 )


The post-genomic era is revolutionizing the drug discovery process. The new challenges in the identification of therapeutic targets require efficient technological tools in order to be properly addressed. Label-free detection systems use proteins or ligands coupled to materials of which the physical properties are measurably modified upon specific interactions. Among the label-free systems currently available, the use of metal nanocolloids offers enhanced throughput and flexibility for real-time biomolecular recognition monitoring at a reasonable cost.


colloidal gold, colloidal silver, localized surface plasmon resonance, biomolecular interaction, protein conformation, affinity, real-time association, label-free detection


Biocybernetics Unit, Laboratory for Experimental Medicine, and Department of Nuclear Medicine, Free University of Brussels, Brugmann Hospital, Place Van Gehuchten 4, B-1020 Brussels, Belgium.

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