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Retroviral Display and High Throughput Screening

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 2 ]


Christian J. Buchholz, Lydia J. Duerner, Sabrina Funke and Irene C. Schneider   Pages 99 - 110 ( 12 )


Retroviruses distinguish themselves from all other mammalian viruses by their abilities to infect and propagate in mammalian cells without causing a cytopathic effect and to stably integrate their genetic information into the genome of the host cell. These unique properties make them an ideal platform for the display and directed evolution of proteins in a mammalian cell environment. This review will describe the essentials about retrovirus biology and then discuss in detail display and screening strategies that have been developed during the past 15 years of retroviral display technology.


Directed evolution, antibody, antigen, protease substrate, retroviral vector, protein engineering


Division of Medical Biotechnology, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 51-53, D-63225 Langen, Germany.

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