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SPR Imaging for High Throughput, Label-Free Interaction Analysis

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 8 ]


Christopher Lausted, Zhiyuan Hu, Leroy Hood and Charles T. Campbell   Pages 741 - 751 ( 11 )


Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors have proven themselves over the last 20 years to be an effective method to study biomolecular binding and kinetics without the use of labeling. More recently, the approach has been adapted to high throughput use with the imaging of SPR-active microarrays. This is an excellent tool for monitoring microarray binding in real-time where the microarray probes and targets can include a wide range of molecules. DNA, RNA, antibodies, enzymes, and a range of other proteins have been arrayed and quantitatively analyzed.


SPR, surface plasmon resonance imaging, surface plasmon resonance microscopy, microarrays, bioaffinity, antibody screening, kinetics, binding constants, protein arrays, DNA arrays


Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, Washington 98103, USA.

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