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Generating ‘Omic Knowledge’: The Role of Informatics in High Content Screening

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 9 ]


Mark A. Collins*   Pages 917 - 925 ( 9 )


High Content Screening (HCS) and High Content Analysis (HCA) have emerged over the past 10 years as a powerful technology for both drug discovery and systems biology. Founded on the automated, quantitative image analysis of fluorescently labeled cells or engineered cell lines, HCS provides unparalleled levels of multi-parameter data on cellular events and is being widely adopted, with great benefits, in many aspects of life science from gaining a better understanding of disease processes, through better models of toxicity, to generating systems views of cellular processes. This paper looks at the role of informatics and bioinformatics in both enabling and driving HCS to further our understanding of both the genome and the cellome and looks into the future to see where such deep knowledge could take us.


High content screening, HCS, high content analysis, HCA, genomics, informatics, bioinformatics, ontology, systems biology, drug discovery


Cellular Imaging&Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, 100 Technology Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15219, USA.

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